Poetry Macht van het Woord Thumb

De macht van het woord

.         Zie jou en mij hier staan Leerling van het scheppende woord, Omdat een sterk aspect van onze soort Is dat wij uit taal bestaan.   De Magiër uit het Westen zegt, Meeslepend en beangstigend, Dat er is geen natuurlijke orde is, Dat er is geen natuurlijke orde, Er is alleen een gevestigde orde. En de perifere krachten van vernieuwing. De brengers van nieuwe orde.   Zie ons hier staan, In de gevestigde koninkrijken Van aarde, zon en wassende maan. Van plant, schimmel en bacterieën. In hun midden verwelkomen zij het ultieme dier, Gevaarlijk en geliefd.   Het mens-dier is de soort Die uit de orde kan vallen Die uit de orde moet vallen Die uit de orde valt, Het paradijs was nooit bedoeld, Als zijn laatste verblijfplaats. Omdat zijn potentie hem roept Hem uit zijn Moeders armen lokt. Zie de chaos van de tijd, Een machtig wezen ontdekt zichzelf, En het onbetreden pad dat hij moet gaan Op weg naar een nieuwe orde, Geboren om magie te storten Door het scheppende woord, Een nieuw paradijs te stichten.   Niets dat wij kennen Kan de verbijsterende naam dragen Van...

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Poetry The Artist Is Coming

The Artist Is Coming

.         I am preparing the way. Nobody knows the ethereal being That guides itself into existence There is so much coming Through this narrow moment in time, Through this still narrow mind of mine The Artist is coming.   I close my eyes in silent reverence, Calling the great spirits of the future Inviting the great spirits to participate In the creation of a human vessel That can hold the wisdom of the spirits, And their strength, and their visions. Guide me with your wisdom, And let us be full of future. The Artist is coming.   My earthbound brothers and I Are facing fearful odds, Our time is done, When our minds are closed off To the Eros of the future. Future is in the imagination, And the free roaming mind, And the open-heartedness And the intuitive inner vision, And the healing of the mind-womb In which the spirits of the future are born into this world. The Artist is coming.   I am prepare the way, and know That I’m not alone. The spirits are with me. Full of promise, I can almost see their...

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Poetry Oceanic Love thumb

Oceanic Love

.           Love, As peaceful as a silent ocean. Vast and all-embracing. To be held in the womb of love: Not a stir, Senses reaching far and deep, Silence nourishing the soul. All motion dissolves as the Sight appears. Floating on the breath of life.   Frightening but holy is this Silence. Timeless foundation to the bewildering Word, That sings us all into being.           ....

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Poetry De Mooiste Gesprekken

De mooiste gesprekken

.         Ik wil de mooiste gesprekken voeren Ik wil geen buitenstaander zijn Ik wil spelen Laat me spelen, Laat me, Fuck off, Laat me met rust verdomme. Ik heb ruimte nodig om mijzelf te voelen Hou me vast, Alsjeblieft, Ik heb een moeder nodig Ik heb warmte nodig De warmte van het paradijs. Een herinnering aan schoonheid Om aan vast te houden, Zo gevoelig voor schoonheid Zo gevoelig Ik ben een gevoelige man. Mag dat? Ik wil een kunstenaar zijn, Nee meer dan dat, een schepper, een magiër...

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Poetry Playful Passion

Playful passion

.         Butterfly kisses find their way To the lucky ones, today It’s me. A beautiful blond is sitting on my lap Only 3 months ago our hearts met The playful fire still burns, bright As our eyes when they meet. We’re in love and sensual as satin. So soft our lips touch, barely, Intensely exploring each other’s Otherness. ‘Having fun’ we call this.   Astonished I behold this woman Blessed with her soft touch Her gentleness and radiant spirit, And the sassy way she wakes The roaring untamed bull inside of me, Beneath many layers of sophistication. There’s a raw masculine force in the depths Of my prehistoric nature, That wants to take her, conquer her, Own her, Fuck her, Have it’s way with her.   She is playing a 2-million years old instrument that is my body, With her hands, her glances and the way she fires A seductive arrow with her voice. Who takes who? You might ask, When this virtuoso play evokes fiery pleasure in her own body, And a growing Growing desire, To be Taken.   ‘Having fun’ we call this. The beauty and...

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Poetry Moonlight


.           Deep in the forest Of feminine wisdom The goddess appeared to energize me For strength is needed to serve The moon was with us And in its silver light I offered my heart To be cleansed and purified. Cross-legged we kept watch over my naked heart White light on black wounds My fragility laid bare In the womb of the forest All night we witnessed That even the darkest parts can heal.           ....

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Place To Hide

Place to hide

.           In the tent At the center of the garden In a half-lid space, you’ll find A child That needs love To know that he’s okay In all his vulnerability Fragility Without his cloaks of poetry And masks of mastery Just naked potentiality In need of love to grow.   It is in this place That I hide when I feel exposed Too much, Unprotected by the visage Of masculine strength and control. This is where I hide, See me stand, naked, Shivering and scared, So needing to curl up Into the all-embracing warmth and beauty of feminine openness To feel carried by the comfort That I didn’t learn to give myself at the core. That I am, Good enough, The way I am.         ....

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Please Enter

Please enter

.         I said yes, A word of power, Letting you wonder through my poetic garden That no foot has entered but mine. Carefully crafted light-filled flowers Open as you stroll past They smile so lovingly at your sight For they recognize in you A common nature, A common face through which The light flows with great ease They express a soundless  ‘Yes, Please let her enter, The inner place..’ Yes, A word of power Commanded only By true beauty.       ....

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Fanning the Flames

Fanning the flames

.         Yes, I miss to be touched You say, as do I. Hands folding in each other. It is not my doing The fire that wakes our bodies And our mind, our fingertips, our eyes That look so deep into the other, All of us comes alive. It’s the electricity of our closeness, That is magical and wild, And sacred too, That makes me reach for forbidden places Just teasing, playing along a new game So close to insanity we bring ourselves. About to forget the rules we must abide. They seem so far away, From this timeless melting into, Your soft touch while I search for words Your angelic eyes, that sassy smile, You want to evoke in me, The passion of Dionysus, To be intoxicated only by, The fragrant of it.   We don’t know what happened On that endless evening. Like a dream we played The fire as our child, Born from wells deep inside, We thirsted for it, and cannot help But remind ourselves of the magic, When my warm breath touched Your ear, a sigh, a moan, A dangerous...

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A Promise Finds its Fulfillment

A promise finds it’s fulfillment

.         To be touched in the heart So gentle does the warmth Expand into my chest And mind, filled with Gestures of devotion, To our intimate flame.   To this sweet invasion I just cannot defend.   Can this be it? The ending of an era Of solitary travels Into oceans of the mystery? Can this be the initiation Into many splendid wines That angels drink To fly? Can two hearts be As one?   I have looked so deep, And seen and known That this play of hearts Has a source beyond this plane And will not fail by time To nourish our triumphant paths To conquer all that weighs Down on our sweet hearts. Let this be a pillar on which To build a world anew, With you as a lovebound queen Everlasting at my side.   To you I declare My undying love.         ....

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